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The Dentrix Daily Huddle Report helps you get the most out of patient visits and allows you to discuss any concerns face to face, as a team, before morning appointments begin. Use the report to discuss the schedule and spot potential roadblocks; identify patients and family members who are overdue on continuing care along with patients with overdue accounts. As a result of this communication, practice performance and patient satisfaction may both improve.

Let leaders lead. Having the doctor attend and participate in the daily huddle is essential

Even if the doctor doesn’t lead the huddle, he or she can help reinforce key concepts or the culture of the practice throughout the meeting.

Leverage the 21-day rule

Give the daily huddle time to become part of the practice’s daily routine. Some behaviors, if repeated 21 days in a row, can easily become a habit. Give your morning huddle at least one month to become second nature. Most practices start to realize the benefits of the huddle in less than a week. Remember, change isn’t always easy, but if you’re not challenging status quo, you are not changing status quo.

Keep it short and start at an odd time

The most effective daily huddles take less than 15 minutes. Some practices find that starting at 8:03 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. increases the team’s on-time attendance.

Start with a quick motivational thought, idea, video, ritual, etc

It can be as simple as a quote or thought for the day. If the team is inspired, rotate to make each member responsible for their quote of the day.

Keep it casual and fun

If your huddle is too formal, team members may feel like it’s just another meeting instead of feeling like they belong to a passionate community committed to creating raving fans through excellent patient care.

Be transparent

Practices that have open and honest communication reach their potential easier, faster, and with fewer roadblocks.